Week 36

Monday – PE Circuits – 35 moves x 6 with 3.5min rest (+3kg) Circuit is around grade 27.

Tuesday – Rest day.

Wednesday – 40min Campus in the morning. Elphinstone in the afternoon. Shoulder was a bit tweaked so didn’t go full-gas but tried the Pig x 2 (linked to crimp traverse) and did Tiger Snatch x 2.

Thursday – Hangboard in the morning then 4×4’s with 1min rest between probs and 5 min between sets (+4kg)

Friday – Hangboard in the morning. 1 attempt on the project circuit, completed it but skin was pretty fucked so just did 3 x 10min with ankle weights.

Saturday – Rest day. 40min run in the afternoon with Caitlin and Andy.

Sunday – Blochouse boulder session – 3 hours with 45min campus.