Week 34

Monday – Small amount of campusing then some good blocs at the Bowlo. Felt quite good.

Tuesday – Some max hangs to get the session started then 4×4’s with 3kg added. 1 min between probs, 5 min between sets. Focusing on harder strength blocs with this session.

Wednesday – Some max hangs to get the ball rolling then project circuit x 4 (40-45 moves) (8-10min rest). Didn’t complete it but got super close twice. Felt a little tired from the 4×4’s yesterday.

Thursday – Rest.

Friday – The Glen with Luke. Tried Street Walking Cheetah x 3 Fell on the match twice. Also went up Tsunami at the end of the day.

Saturday – Elphinstone – Tiger Cat x 3 (slot x 2 – should’ve done it…), Tiger Snatch x 1. Was good to just go to the crag not in project mode.

Sunday – Run with Caitlin (2 hours…) Bowlo in the evening – 35 moves x 5 (+3kg) 5 min b/w.  10min with vest x 2 (5min b/w)

Week probably should’ve been a bit easier due to the upcoming block but was good to get some moves done at the stone in good conditions.