Week 33

Monday – Hangboard late in the evening after being in the city. Felt junk but good to get it done. Even though the hangs were shit it pushed the mind.

Tuesday – Early campus at the Bowlo then boulder in the evening at Camp St with Ben and Garth. Good session.

Wednesday – Core in the morning and project circuits in the evening. Good to do the circuit once out of 4. Having a little longer rest (10 min)

Thursday – Rest.

Friday – The Glen with Luke. Tried Street Walking Cheetah x 3 Fell on the match.

Saturday – DF – Tried Mr Pink x 3 – Skin sore. Felt junkish…

Sunday – Rest. Some Easy Endurance (10min x 4 with ankle weights).

Next week I’ll adjust some things and try and have a little bit or a lower volume in preparation for a couple of good blocks pre-Europe.