Week 30

Monday – Rest day. In the city for work.

Tuesday – Early fingerboard then campus in the bowlo in the evening.

Wednesday – Limit boulder in the evening. Was good to get back on the boulder wall. Felt like it had been a while.

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Glen with Luke. Warmup at the bowlo then 3 x Street Walkin’ Cheetah. Managed to get to the boulder twice from the ground. The cold weather didn’t help with the pump…

Saturday – DF with a large crew. Super Dooper Goo x 2, Mr Pink x 3. Fell going to the pocket. Was good to finally get to the upper boulder from the ground. Feels good. Also unlocked the top move with an index ring lock 🤯

Sunday – 2 hour freestyle session at Nomad gym with Tom Farrell. Was good to jump around and do some new school bloc. Something that I’m keen to do more of.

A pretty easy week in terms of volume. Intensity was high when I climbed. Felt very refreshing.

About to book some tickets to Europe so things are about to ramp up again 🙂 Frothing.