Week 29

Monday – Some easy endurance to get the body recovering and some yoga. Bit of a brutal weekend.

Tuesday – Hang board (2 sets). Limit campus in the evening (1-4-7 a couple of times on the left).

Wednesday – Strength in the evening.

Thursday – Hang board (2 sets). Limit campus on the boulder wall in the evening.

Friday – The Glen with Luke. Tried Street Walking’ Cheetah x 3. Linked to the boulder and managed to do the boulder from the last jug to the last move. Things felt good. Pretty happy with how things went.

Saturday – DF with a big crew. Tried Mr Pink x 3. Skin shit! Annoying. I think this climb can only really be climbed with good skin and fresh. Also did Hairline and Mr Puniverse.

Sunday – Some easy endurance (3 x 10min). Felt super cooked today. Was super hard to rest today due to the weather but I think it was a good idea to have a rest.

Think I’ll have another easy’ish week before embarking on a good solid block to try and seal some hard routes at the stone when it comes into season.