Week 28

Talking shit with Rob about the history of Attack Mode.

Monday – Hang board in the morning. Campus then some easy endurance in the evening.

Tuesday – Yoga and strength.

Wednesday – Campus in the morning (managed 1-4-7 on left) and some max hangs in the afternoon. Did some PB’s

  • right hand +5kg middle Beastmaker. 2-3 secs
  • right hand on the 1000 outside edge. 2-3 secs

Thursday – Rest – City for work.

Friday – Nowra with Luke and Kerrin. PC – Fell on the extension x 2 but happy to do White Ladder twice.

Saturday – Sent White Ladder extension. Psyched. Did some sections for filming then did Hopelessly Devoted To You 29.

Sunday – A bit cooked. South Central with Brecon – Black Rage 29 and a lap on Ain’t No Sunshine 28.

Was super chuffed to get the extension done. Looking forward to the little film Brecon is putting together.

Now a little bit of a rest week then will focus on Mr Pink/Pinky whilst it is cold.