Week 14

Monday – Starting to dial back the training for the upcoming trips. 30min run in the arvo.

Tuesday – Fingerboard in the morning – 2 arm chis – tape on fingers but still pulled good weight – would’ve liked to do 7/53 but 3 taped fingers it wasn’t the best option as some of the grips are a bit too friction dependent. Limit boulder session in the evening. Finished off with some GT repeaters.

Wednesday – Core at lunch time then circuits with 6kg vest. Brutal. 3 probs x 4 – 5min rest. + GT repeaters to cook myself a little more.

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Failed 7/53 hang session. Super tuckered. Not feeling 100%. Also aborted evening circuit session to rest up.

Saturday – Arvo session at Elphinstone. Not feeling that good but still managed 3 pitches clean up to 31 (tiger vinyl)

Sunday – Late session at Elphinstone. Feeling a little better and conditions were mint. No fall day. Only 3 pitches due to time and not wanting to put myself in a hole for the coming weeks. Tiger Snatch, Tiger Cat and Bandula. Good session. Feel ready to spin the dial up 😉

On a side note – some slight issues with my left elbow/bicep. Will monitor closely. Might need to see a pro for some management tactics.