Week 13

Beta Vinyl

Monday – Core class and then an easy endurance workout (3 x 10 – 5min b/w)

Tuesday – 1 arm chisel fingerboard + crimp repeaters in the morning and circuits in the evening. Same 3 boulders but 5 times. Still 5min rest and + 5kg.

Wednesday – Rest day. In the city for work.

Thursday – 2 arm chisel fingerboard plus 3 reps of crimp repeaters to finish. Limit boulder in the evening at the Bowlo.

Friday – Strength at home in the morning then circuits in the evening. 32 moves x 5 – 5 min b/w +5kg. Skin sore. Tuckered.

Saturday – A slow morning waiting for the weather to clear. Quick warmup at the Bowlo then headed down the the Glen with Doug and Tom. Crag board warmup and then fired Moonshadow (hard 32, easy 33 🤷‍♂️) First go. Psyched. Was fun as the top was wet.

Sunday – Elphinstone with a good crew. Conditions were insane. Managed to send Beta Vinyl 33. Super happy as it is one of the harder rock routes I have done. It’s v9/10ish into a long 31. Super classic and happy to have it done. 4th day on.

Time to start cutting down on the volume and bumping up the intensity. Also playing around with some specific Groove Train hangboard repeaters…