Week 10

Monday – 7/53 hang then core class.

Tuesday – Rest day. 20min yoga.

Wednesday – 2 arm chisel (6 x 10sec max) hangs around lunch time. Limit boulder in the evening. Felt cooked as in the evening boulder session. Probably didn’t do the hangs early enough in the day.

Thursday – Strength in the morning the circuits (4x4x4 – 3min between) in the evening. Pretty tired.

Friday – 1 arm chisel (6 hangs – 3 straight – 3 at 90) 10 secs max. Limit Boulder in the evening.

Saturday – Rest day.

Sunday – Elphinstone with Luke. Awesome conditions. Tried beta vinyl x 4 and tiger cat into love vinyl at the end of the day. + 20 min yoga.

Week was pretty good. Pretty tired but having the awesome conditions on Sunday was the highlight. So bloody good!!