Week 7

Monday – Hangboard and core class. Fingers are adapting well with the current 7/53 workout. I’ll continue to squeeze as much out of it as possible.

Tuesday – Rest day. In the city for work.

Wednesday – Morning hangboard and then the glen in the arvo with Luke. 2 laps to warmup then 3 goes on Moonshadow. Felt good. Fell off the 3rd last hard move.

Thursday – System board in the morning. Boulder in arvo (2 hours) then filming jazz with Brecon till about 10:30. Wrecked.

Friday – Glen with Luke. Super tuckered. Tried Moonshadow. Fell on initial jump. Called it early. Yesterday smashed me.

Saturday – Elphinstone. 3 routes. tired. Should’ve rested in hindsight.

Sometimes it’s braver to rest.

Sunday – Rest day.

A pretty shit week really. Too much rock time and not enough rest. Thursday really put a spanner in the works. Will need to rest up, re-group and keep on the structured path.