Week 4

Monday – Fingerboard and core class.

Tuesday – Early Campus – 1 hour. Flared up the left elbow which is a little annoying but in hindsight I have be dropping the hammer in terms of volume so wasn’t that much of a surprise. Will just have to work around it till in calms down.

Wednesday – Rest day – 30 min run

Thursday – System board (6 reps) in the morning then Camp St in the arvo with Ben and Lee. Felt ok in the evening. Nice to try some new blocs on different holds/walls.

Friday – Villawood with Dave. Felt ok but a little taxed from the late boulder session yesterday. Looking forward to being fresh and getting a better grasp of where things are at. 11 routes up to 29 with some doubles.

Oh yeah and we ate some killer chicken on the way home.

Saturday – Quick strength session in the morning.

Sunday – Diamond Falls with Brecon at 7:30. Another 35 degree day so trying to make the most of the coldish overnight temps. Conditions weren’t crazy bad but not that enjoyable. 4 laps in total. Manage to get up Lightyears (31) which was the goal for the day.

Beer and pizza was consumed.

Another biggish week in the bank. A few hard sessions next week then will turn back the dial for the upcoming comp and next block. All in all, things have been going well.