Week 3

Monday – Fingerboard and core class.

Tuesday – Rest day – In the city for work.

Wednesday – Morning system board session (increased to 5 reps) followed by a freestyle boulder session at The Blackheath Lab. 2 hours of cutting sick.

Thursday – Fingerboard – digits felt alive and well 🙂

Friday – Super early morning at Gateway with Luke to beat the 38 degree day. Played on Middle Earth (should’ve done it!!) and Fighting Urak – Hai. In the arvo did a strength session. Pretty cooked.

Saturday – Rest day – 30 min run

Sunday – System board in the morning then hit Baronia with Lee in the arvo. Fun session is shit conditions. Some speed climbing antics with the younger generation (me on Don’t Believe the Hype and Angie on Don’t Believe the Tripe… I lost…). Also lots of training talk with Lee to make sure time is being spent on the right things. Talking and hanging out with people that continually challenge themselves is highly recommended.

Psyched to have another solid week in the bank. Body and fingers feel worked. Volume is pretty high at the moment but hopefully it can cope with it. Would like to get in another limit boulder session in so will address that in the coming week (If it is too hot maybe just a limit campus workout).