Week 2

Monday – Fingerboard, core class and a quick endurance session (3 x 10 min on the wall with 5 min between) to kick the new training block off.

Tuesday – Rest day – In the city for work. 30 min run in the late evening. Good to get this in because sitting on the train for around 5 hours sucks…

Wednesday – System board in the morning (4 hold / 4 reps). I have been meaning to do a block of system boarding and have finally made time for it. At the moment I’m doing 4 grip types (sloper, chisel, open 3 and crimp) in a really slow and controlled way (10 – 12 moves) aiming for a work time between 30 – 45 secs with a 2min rest between reps, and 8-10 between sets. I’ll report back on how it goes in a bit 🙂

Bowlo in the arvo. 6 boulders, each 3 times (3 min rest between goes).

Thursday – Fingerboard and strength. Did a combined session to see what it would be like. Not a fan but maybe that is the point. It felt hard and I don’t think I nailed the balance (too many strength exercises).

Friday – Villawood with Luke. 12 routes. A variety of singles and doubles up to 28. Fuck I love this style.

Saturday – Rest Day – 40 min run (a bit too hilly in hindsight).

Sunday – System board in the morning and Elphinstone with Luke, Matt B and Matty P in the arvo. Couple of laps on Tiger Snatch and 2 goes on Beta Vinyl. Temps were junk but good to get out and work on climbing whilst in an uncomfortable state. Brain training 🙂

Good to have week one done. Hard but good.

It always takes a little to adjust to full training mode but give it a few weeks and it will be the way of life. If you want to make it happen you will. If you don’t you won’t.