Week 51

Monday – Rest – In the city for work.

Tuesday – Fingerboard and packing for Tassie.

Wednesday – Rest – Travel to Melbourne to catch the boat.

Thursday – Rest – Travel

Friday – Adamsfield with Gazza. Tried the Magic Potion Extension. Fell on the last hard move after doing a lap on Magic Potion, Sub Zero and Sub Zero Extension. Guttered to not send it packing but fingers crossed I can nail it next day.

Saturday – Quick session on Gazza’s wall.

Sunday – Pipes for a couple of hours. Put the draws on Pleasant Screams for Bisso.

Not heaps of climbing due to heading to Tassie but was cool to finally get out to Adamsfield and get close. Feel like a different climber which I’m psyched about.

Hopefully get it done before heading home.