Week 49

Monday – Finely feeling some good progression on the fingerboard. Time to add another session into the weekly structure.

Missed core class due to some hectic work issues.

Tuesday – Bit of an epic campus session (managed 1-4-7 on the small rungs with left, close to right) followed by 1 hour of limit bouldering.

Wednesday – Hangboard around lunch then 4×4’s (about 55 moves – 8min rest) at the Bowlo in the evening. Feeling pretty cooked. Think the power session was a little too big yesterday.

Thursday – Rest. In the city for work.

Friday – Elphinstone with a good crew. 5 laps in total. Played on Kitten Mittens crux (hard…), photos on Sitting Bull, quick investigation up Bandular then up Tiger Cat (fell last move with no stopping to rest at mid-height. First time I have stuck the slot since doing it).

Didn’t fell super focused, just wanted to climb some rocks. Fun day.

Saturday – Baronia – Arvo session trying Mechanical Animals. Fell with my left foot up and releasing. Fingers crossed the weather is kind before Tassie.

Sunday – Rest.

Good week. Felt the forearms were pretty cooked from the extra fingerboard session and the epic power session on Tuesday. Still no enough stretching. All in all, was a good hardish week.

Oh yeah, I also turned 8c+ this week 🤘