Week 48

Monday – Fingerboard (7/53 session – 3 grips like last week) and core class. A stupid amount of 1 arm deadlifts left my back cooked as a goose.

Tuesday – Rest. In the city for work.

Wednesday – Boulder at the Bowlo. 2 hours. Felt awesome.

Thursday – Bowlo. Felt a bit cooked from work. A brief campus before getting on the woodie.

Friday – Rest. Helping Caitlin at a market.

Saturday – 2 hour session at St Peters. Doing lots of problems up to 9. Almost ticked the bottom sector. Super fun and great to be on different styles of blocs. Most of the problems relied on a good amount of body power which was nice.

Sunday – Rest. Helping Caitlin at a market.

Week was a bit meh… Was meant to be a hard week but due to being in the city all weekend I decided to make this a rest week and start fresh in the coming week. All is good. Feeling good just need to knuckle down and work on a few other areas in the coming weeks (flexibility, strength/core, campusing and some power endurance).

Week 47

Monday – Started off with an afternoon fingerboard (7/53 x 3). 2 grips (open, chisel) on the Beastmaker 1000 outside edge. Both grips are 1 arm hangs. Then a two arm hang on the Beastmaker 10mm mircos in a 3 finger crimp with no thumb (feet on the ground currently). Session was good, finding the left chisel is a little fragile and being mindful to keep form so opting for more than less. Also went to core class. Few mobility exercises to warm up then the usually upper body smashing was encountered. Currently thinking of doing a double block of this post Christmas to try and level up a little.

Tuesday – Rest. In the city for work.

Wednesday – Bowlo. Moon campus workout on the medium rungs (last two exercises on the small rungs) and then a limit boulder for just over an hour and half. Even had a play on the Moonboard as creativity was lacking. A little flat today.

Thursday – Pretty much the same as yesterday but did a few hangs at home as I thought about heading out to try my project at Bardens but it ended up being a bit late in the day so opted for a Bowlo session. Good amount of hard boulders with Luke. Good session.

Friday – Bardens with Brecon, Luke and Matt. Conditions were mint. Couple of warmup laps on Way Of All Flesh then onto the project. First go just cleaned the holds and warmed up the power. 2nd shot felt awesome but fell walking my feet to the Bloodline ledge. 3rd shot done. Blood Clot 32. Good to finally put this to rest. Took a little longer than I thought it would. Also had a go at Brain Hemorrhage but fell on the last move. Was a little gassed and unfamiliar. Disappointing as I think I could of nailed it but my mind was pretty tired and I just climbed into a shit position and hesitated. #chickenwing I kinda like these moments in hindsight. So much to gain from these experiences. I should of nailed it but didn’t.

Smashed a big tallie (Munich Helles) from BlackFont Brewhouse (thanks Stu!!) and some chilli chips to celebrate. Haven’t been doing this of late but think it is important… Have been a bit too focused on the next goal as soon as one is done.

Saturday – Rest. Helping Caitlin at a market.

Sunday – Bardens with Stu and Clint. Couple of warmup laps on WOAF then sent Brain Hemorrhage first go of the day. Quick car park AeroPress (some Sample Coffee Toucan Party Blend) then down to Baronia. 2 goes and Mechanical Animals. Felt good. A little issue with the intro mono sequence. Just got to work out the feet and explore the move without the mono. Managed to link from the left crimp and low gaston to the top on my second go which is pretty positive. Pretty psyched to nail this fucker! Finished off the day with a brew at Summit Gear in Katoomba for a DMM event.

Good week!