Week 25

Monday – Strength in the morning and then a good hang session in the evening. Seemed like ages since a good hangboard. Numbers were down but tried hard so all is good.

Tuesday – Some finger testing with Lee Cujes. Then a little Moonboarding.

All testing was on the lattice rung at half crimped.

2 arms – 47kg (50kg next time I reckon)
1 arm – 12kg (felt easy but failed with 7kg)
Anaerobic capacity – 278 seconds (only did the first hang – no weight added. Any grip)

Wednesday – Small boulder at Camp St – 1.5 hours. Good to pull on some different holds.

Thursday – Rest day. 30 min easy (10min x 3 blocks) to loosen up.

Friday – Nowra with Luke. Warm up , 25, 28, put the draws on the top section of dedicated to the dude. White Ladder x 4. High point (AM clean x 3)

Saturday – Warm up , 25, 28 and then 4 goes on White Ladder – highpoint – fell slapping clipping jug. Guttered.

Sunday – Rest day. 30 min easy (10 x 3) + Yoga.