Castle Hill 2019

Since the Grampians is undergoing some serious adjustments it was time to head over the ditch for a bit of pebble wresting. I had been to The Hill twice before. Both times in stupidly hot weather and for a very limited amount of time so it was awesome to have a dedicated trip at the right time of year.

I had lots on the “to-do” list but didn’t really get to sink the teeth into anything hard and the weather didn’t really align. All in all, managed some nice classics within the weather windows we had. Feels like I did a mini apprenticeship.

  • Snake Eyes V8
  • Mullet Arete V6
  • Sunset Arete V8
  • Obelisk V9
  • Porky V8
  • Left Trifecta V8
  • Jet Stream V9 (flash)
  • How Big Is Blue V7
  • Captain Nemo V8
  • Pandemonium V7
  • The Joker V9
📷 Dave Bailey