Week 11

Monday – 7/53 hang then core class.

Tuesday – Rest day. In the city for work.

Wednesday – 2 arm chisel hang in the morning. Freestyle limit boulder in the evening at the Bowlo (1 and half hours).

Thursday – Rest day. Travel to Tassie.

Friday – A few circuits (6 x grade 27ish) on Gazza’s wall after 30min limit boulder.

Saturday – Sandy River with a Bisso, Garry and Dan. 23 x 3, 25 x 2, 26 x 3.

Sunday – 1 arm chisel on Awesome Woody board. 3 at straight, 3 at 90. 3 sets of crimp repeaters and some general core jazz on the rings.

Strange week due to 4 days in Tassie. Feel ok but not awesome. A few big weeks so that is probably expected.

Also time to get on the carrots 🙂